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New Roof

Busy Bee has spent over 25 years learning how to do roofs right. As a roofing contractor we have been paying more attention to roofing but again we have read the manuals on roofing materials and roof installation. We didn't really learn anything new, because, doing a great job right the first time is built in to our way of working.

When you schedule an appointment with Busy Bee you are setting up a time to have someone assess the

  • life of your roof
  • layer of materials on the roof
  • discuss whether you are able to reroof
  • You will have time to voice your concerns

Shingle Roof

New Roof Master

First class roofing system cools your attic and provides a guaranteed long life. All Asphalt shingles age by drying out and eventually cracking. Quality shingles will generally take longer to dry out. When working the field this in one way to know when a cheap roof was put on.

Second class roofing system provides a leak free, new roof that uses current insulation and ventilation. This installation is often a roof over...

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