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Roof Repair

Roofing shingles have a longer life now then ever before but user error can greatly influence the ability for the roof materials to work effectively. We often see Flashing, Valleys, and Ridge Vents not installed properly. Serious Weather events can even cause what seemed to be a good roof to age quicker. Do any of these photos look familiar? Scheduled a roof inspection to find out what is on your roof.

Hail Damage to Roof

Hail damage

Roof Repair Chimney Work

Improper flashing rotted cricket

Roof Repair Culking and Tar

Exposed black calk cracks fast

Step Flashing last longer

Calk will fail with no flashing underneath

Roof Repair Master

A good roofer will take time to install step flashing and counter flashing. Step flashing with metal offers a L shaped pan that acts like a 5 inch gutter for each shingle, letting all the water flow down the dormer edges of the roof. Calking is quick and fails like it does in other places around your home. Counter flashing covers the step flashing around chimneys. This style is keyed in to the chimney and is expansion, shifting, and time resistant....

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