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Pre- Priced ROOFING out of stock

16 sq of 25 XT Certainteed three tab shingles.

One layer of shingles was present on a one story split level home. Current roofing had become too brittle -- Roofing Cost. Roofing was not architectural designed allowing for a flat reroof. Manufacturers allow "Nesting" under these conditions.

10ft of rotten eave was replaced. Gutter re-secured and cleaned.

Now with new step flashing and new pipe boots this new roof is set to not leak for 25 years, depending on weathering of shingles.

Due to the nature of there being some roofs -- roof cost -- out there that are in really bad shape, we reserve the right to turn down jobs for the pre priced offer.

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Roofing Cost

Let us examine the only part of the roofing installation keeping the shingles on your home and it doesn't drive up roofing cost. For the best wind protection nails should be straight in and just tight enough.There is much more to good nailing then getting the nail into the decking. Nails in the wrong place is biggest reason for much of the wind damage in Baltimore...

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